Baby Pod Safety


Safe and snuggly? That’s the Butterfly Pod. Keep your newborn safe, secure and settled in our supportive baby lounger.


We design with safety first, giving you peace of mind. (And your bub a peaceful Pod for rest and play!)

BEST POSITION IN OUR BUTTERFLY POD - Keep your bub safe and happy in our Butterfly Pod. The best position for your little one is flat on their back. Our luxuriously comfortable lounger provides a cloud-like space to rest and play. cosy, comfy and crafted with safety first? That’s why babies love our Butterfly Pod.

SLEEP POSITIONS - BUTTERFLY POD - While the Butterfly Pod is not intended for sleeping, your bub may find it so comfy they drift off to dreamland. If your baby nods off, take them from the Butterfly Pod and move them to a safe sleep environment such as their bassinet or cot. 

TUMMY TIME - The padded bumper walls of the Butterfly Pod provide the perfect support for tummy time as your baby grows. Bub is ideally positioned to take in the view and engage with you as you talk, play and connect. To enjoy tummy time in your Butterfly Pod, place your baby tummy-down inside your lounger with their arms braced on the padded bumpers. 

Stay with your bub at all times when they are practising tummy time for their safety and comfort.

THE SAFEST SURFACE FOR BUB - Our Butterfly Pod should only be placed on the floor. Babies wriggle and start to commando-crawl before you know it - don’t place your Butterfly Pod on a surface from which your baby might fall. Pods are never to be used inside bassinets or cribs, or for co-sleeping.

NO BLANKETS OR PILLOWS - The Butterfly Pod is so cosy and comfy you won’t need to add pillows or blankets, but don’t forget - SIDS guidelines recommend no pillows or bedding that might cover your child’s head or cause overheating. We play by the same rules with our Butterfly Pod - dress your bub for comfort while they are enjoying Pod time. 

NO CHOKING HAZARDS - Our Butterfly Pod inner is made in one piece, while the removable cover is thoughtfully crafted with no zips, buttons, drawstrings or cords that might present a choking hazard. Safe and snuggly, all in one.

SAFER TOGETHER - Babies wriggle, roll and start their crawling adventures sooner than you expect! Never leave your baby unattended in the Butterfly Pod - while the supportive walls keep your bub snug, they are not intended as a barrier to a determined baby ready to explore!

CARRYING BABY IN POD - We know you don’t want to disturb your baby’s peaceful rest, but never carry your baby inside the Pod. Yes, the Butterfly Pod is a snuggly, cosy haven for your bub. But your arms are 100% safer, every time.


HOW DO I CARE FOR MY BUTTERFLY POD? - Designed with safety and ease in mind, your Baby Pod is fully machine washable. Simply remove the cover and follow our simple Care Instructions Here

OTHER CONCERNS - Have a question about your Butterfly Pod? Reach out - we’d love to help.