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Made for motherhood, from pre-pregnancy to blooming bellies, breastfeeding and beyond. From the second you choose to welcome new life, you become a mama - making conscious choices  about your family and your world. That’s why we offer only the highest quality, eco-sensitive maternity products. 

Customer Care

What makes Butterfly Maternity Pillows® different?

We’re 100% Australian owned and manufactured. Our pillows are backed by a 90 night risk free trial - we’re so confident you’ll love your pillow we offer a full refund within 90 days of receiving your order. 

Our pillows are made of the highest quality fabrics, to protect you and your bub. Feather-light, flexible, compact and super-soft - that’s why Butterfly Maternity Pillows® are loved and recommended by mums-to-be. (Check out our 4.7 star rating for customer love.)

Can I return my order?
Yep! If you're not 100% happy with your Butterfly Maternity Pillow® in the first 90 days of use, simply contact us for details on how to return it for a full refund.

Do you offer a warranty on Butterfly Maternity Pillows®?

Your Butterfly Maternity Pillow® has a 12 month warranty. This does not include damages inflicted by external factors.

What is our 90 day risk free trial?
We’re so confident you’ll love the Butterfly Maternity Pillow®, we offer a 90 day risk free trial meaning - If you’re not happy with your pillow, return it within 90 days of receiving your order and we’ll refund your purchase price. Simply contact us for further details to arrange a return and refund.

Do you support charities or not-for-profits?
Yes! We donate 1% of our sales directly to environmental nonprofits, through a combination of monetary, in-kind and approved promotional support. 

I need to speak to someone, who do I contact?
Simply contact us online and we’ll respond ASAP. 

Where are you located?
Butterfly HQ is located on the beautiful Gold Coast, Queensland. All our pillows are manufactured in Australia, and packed and dispatched from Arundel.

Product FAQs

Is the cover included? 

Yes, every pillow comes with a standard removable Tencel cover (no ties). You can purchase a seperate Nursing Cover to convert your Butterfly Maternity Pillow into a supportive, portable and comfy nursing pillow for you and for bub. 

How do I take care of my pillow?
To maintain the fullness and shape of your Butterfly Maternity Pillow® we recommend regular plumping. 


Machine Washable
Butterfly Maternity Pillows® are super compact and high quality- making them machine washable and super easy to keep clean and free from bacteria.


Where are the pillows made?
Every Butterfly Maternity Pillow® is made and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia.


Low Allergenic Fibres
The Butterfly Maternity Pillows® are made with specially enhanced low allergy polyester fibres promoting good health and restful sleep. 


OEKO-TEX® Certified covers
Every Butterfly Maternity Cover is OEKO-TEX® 100 Certified. Allowing you to feel confident knowing there are no harmful substances found within. 


Low Impact Manufacturing
We’re committed to low impact manufacturing processes, to leave a minimal footprint on our earth. Ethical fabrication, sustainable resources & no single use plastic

What are the pillows made of?
The Butterfly Maternity Pillow® is covered with Japara Cotton; a quality cotton soaked with a natural beeswax coating to ensure durability and provide a silky look and feel.

Your Butterfly Maternity Pillow® is filled with Cloudfil®, thousands of tiny siliconised polyester fibre balls moving independently. Our pillows don’t clump or develop flat spots - simply plump the pillow to disperse the Cloudfil® balls and create the optimum support for your body, at all stages of pregnancy.

What do Butterfly Maternity Pillows feel like?
The Cloudfil® filling gives The Butterfly Maternity Pillows® a feather-like feel without the quills that commonly poke through real feather pillows. Butterfly Maternity Pillows® are feather-light and super-soft, while retaining their stability and shape. 

The Cloudfil® fibre balls won’t clump or flatten and Butterfly Maternity Pillows® are odour-free. Add the Butterfly Maternity Pillow® Cover for a soft, comfy, keep-cool restorative sleep.

Australia's Most Awarded Maternity Pillow
Reviews speak for themselves. Head to our Product Review to see why we’ve been voted #1 Body Pillow for 3 years in a row (Check out our 4.7 star rating for customer love.)


Do you ship internationally?
We currently ship worldwide. For any issues please contact us.

When can I expect to receive my order?
We know you’re craving comfy sleep, so we pack all orders fast - 'within 1-2 business days. Find the most updated shipping timeframes for your state here.

Standard shipping within Australia is an estimated 3-5 business days delivery for metro areas and 5-7 business days for rural areas. Or express shipping guarantees delivery within 3 days. 

Standard international shipping can take between 5-21 days for most countries.

For a more accurate time frame of your delivery please contact us.