How to care for my Butterfly Baby Pod

Care Instructions & Helpful Information

How do I care for my Butterfly Pod?

Designed with safety and ease in mind, your Baby Pod is fully machine washable. Simply remove the cover and follow our simple care instructions:

To wash your Baby Pod

  1. Gentle machine wash on cold 
  2. Use a non-toxic, baby safe detergent
  3. Maximum wash temperature 30°C
  4. Air dry away from direct sunlight or tumble dry on low heat (if needed)
  5. Don’t dry clean
  6. Don’t bleach 

To wash your organic cotton waffle cover

  1. Gentle machine wash your cover inside out with like colours on a cool cycle
  2. Use a non-toxic, baby safe detergent
  3. Air dry or tumble dry on low heat, inside out
  4. Don’t dry clean 
  5. Don’t bleach  

How much is the Butterfly Maternity Baby Pod?

$227 + Free Shipping

Does the Butterfly Pod come with a cover?

Absolutely! Your Butterfly Pod comes with a removable, washable organic cotton cover in your choice of colour. You can also buy replacement covers to easily switch out the look of your lounger.

Can I purchase additional covers for my Baby Pod?

Yes. In a soft palette of nature-inspired hues, choose from Baby Pod covers in Sage, Lavender or Oatmeal. Our organic cotton waffle covers are breathable, absorbent and quick-drying, to ensure a fresh, cool surface for your bub. 

Is the Butterfly Pod SIDS safe?

Safe and snuggly, the Butterfly Pod is ideal for supervised settling, but is not designed for sleeping. Safety is our first priority and we support the SIDS guidelines for safe sleeping practices. We recommend you do not use blankets or pillows while your bub is enjoying their Butterfly Pod. And if they happen to fall asleep in their luxuriously soft, cloud-like lounger, we recommend you move your bub to a safe sleeping space such as their bassinet or cot. 

We do not recommend placing the Butterfly Pod in your bed for co-sleeping. Your bub should be supervised at all times in their lounger.

Follow our Safety Instructions Here

What is the Butterfly Pod made from?

The Butterfly Pod is made from the same Cloudfil® fibre filling as our award-winning Butterfly Maternity Pillows for a dream-like, cosy surface perfect for rest, play and tummy time. Butterfly Pod covers are made from GOTS certified, OEKO-TEX® 100 certified fabrics to ensure an exquisitely comfy experience for your bub.

Crafted from the highest quality organic fabrics, Butterfly Pods covers are breathable, absorbent and washable. The luxuriously cosy organic cotton waffle covers get softer with every wash. 

Is the Butterfly Pod suitable for a newborn?

Yes! Your baby can enjoy their cosy lounger from their earliest days until approximately 12 months old, although this depends on the size (and mobility!) of your baby. The supportive sides of the Butterfly Pod are brilliant for tummy time but are not intended as a barrier to a curious bub determined to crawl!

Does it come with a cover?

All Butterfly Pod Covers are made from organic cotton waffle for a premium finish. Our fabrics are 100% knitted, dyed and made in Australia using ethical and sustainable manufacturing processes. 

We adopt ethical sourcing policies for all raw materials and our fabrics are dyed using AZO-free dyes tested against strict OEKO-TEX® 100 certification. Our commitment to the safety of your bub goes beyond product design - we ensure all fabrics and materials are tested against the highest standards to ensure they are free from harmful substances and exquisitely gentle on delicate skin.