Pregnancy Pillow Guide 2020: What You Need To Know

As you may be aware picking a new maternity pillow can be overwhelming and if you're reading this then it’s safe to say you're probably having a little trouble finding the right one ... 

If that's the case then fear not, we're here to assist in finding the perfect pillow for your pregnancy. 

It's important that you find a pillow that helps support the recommended side sleeping position when pregnant. For all those back sleepers out there, we're sorry, side sleeping is the way to go. Preferably the left side, as this helps to improve circulation to the heart and allows for best blood flow to the foetus, uterus and kidneys. So, with all that being said let’s dive in.

1. Picking The Right Size
First you'll need to determine what size is going to be right for you. Pillows range from XL all the way to small and compact. Both as supportive as the other, it all depends on how much space you have or willing to give us, and whether you need full body support from your knees to your head, or simply back and belly support. 

2. Picking The Right Shape
As well as size, the shape can vary as well. There's the full body pillows that wrap around your body and head. Medium U shaped pillows that support and sit under the head and belly or smaller butterfly or bean shaped pillows that sit under your body, supporting your bump and back. Again, this all comes down to preference. If you find yourself tossing and turning during the night, then the smaller butterfly pillows are going to be your best option to avoid re adjusting. 

3. Picking The Right Material
If you've done your research, you'll notice the significant difference between quality fabrics and their price. Maternity pillows can range from $10 all the way to $300 but you get what you pay for, so if you're planning on buying a $10 pillow, you're not going to get the best support but on the other hand, buying a high end $300 pillow also doesn't always guarantee premium quality either. This is why research is crucial. We suggest you keep an eye out for quality cotton for comfort and free-flowing fibre ball filling for support and anti clumping. 

Find a happy medium between $75 to $150, as this is where you'll most likely get the best quality for your money. 

Here's Our Pick Of The Top 3 Maternity Pillows 2020: 

1. The Butterfly Maternity Pillow - $107 
The Butterfly Maternity Pillow is designed to support the recommended side sleeping position, ensuring healthy rest and comfort throughout your pregnancy.
Its Unique wing design provides a supportive wedge for your baby bump, back, hips and knees - ensuring 100% comfort at all times.

2. The Cuddle Up Body Pillow - $99
Australian made comfort body pillow specially designed to comfort & support mothers during pregnancy, and long after baby is born. The flexible design means that the perfect position can be achieved to relieve individual aches and pain. No need for multiple pillows! Suits all body sizes and shapes.

3. The Original Mumanu Pregnancy Pillow - $85
The Mumanu correctly aligns the hip, pelvis and spine to prevent and relieve low back pain and hip pain. Ideal whether you’re pregnant or not, the Mumanu Pregnancy Pillow is ideal for everyone. 


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