Breastfeeding 101: The joy and dread of nursing

Breastfeeding 101: The joy and dread of nursing

As first time mums we expect breastfeeding to be a joyful, natural, normal and easy experience with our new bundle of bliss. But it can often turn to dread - the toe curling pain of attachment gone wrong, the fear of mastitis, the never-ending sleep deprivation. 

Common breastfeeding anxieties

Feeding, just the thought it can fill your heart with dread. You might be familiar with these:

  • Interrupted sleep
  • Hours spent pumping, sterilising and supplementing
  • Breast refusal, bottle refusal
  • Blocked ducts
  • Mastitis
  • Constantly smelling like slightly-off milk
  • Anxiety - is she feeding enough? Am I producing enough? Do I need to supplement? Has she gained too much weight? Not enough? Why is she crying? Does my milk suck? Do I suck?

The joy of breastfeeding

But when it works, it’s euphoric. A total baby-mum bubble of joy, where you can be totally swept up in the moment of pure bonding. (And sometimes, it becomes so matter-of-fact that you feed while you talk on the phone, wipe the kitchen bench or wipe another child’s nose - and this is a sense of euphoria in itself. Breastfeeding becomes such a natural, normal part of family life you don’t think about it.)

But to get there, you might need a little help. It doesn’t always go from birth to blissful feeding, to regular sleep cycles and softly sunlit Insta posts of milk-drunk bebes. Sometimes it’s more like tears, rage, pain and brief moments of triumph. We’re here to bring more light and support your breastfeeding journey - whatever that might look like.

When you’re worried you’re not producing enough milk

The best way to gauge is the development of your baby. Regular check-ins with your midwife provide reassurance, and checking daily for wet and dirty nappies is a good indication of how hydrated your baby is.

We’re loving: Naked Harvest Mylk Shake - breastfeeding support for mums who need a little boost with their supply. Choc or vanilla flavoured, boosted with vitamins, protein, fibre and herbs for breastfeeding nutrition.

When you’re worried about blocked ducts (boobs on fire!)

Blocked ducts, problems with let down or engorged boobs? The Lactamo Ball is an Australian invention tailor made for nursing mums. Used warm or cool, the lactation massager is made from 100% medical grade silicone and can be used in the shower, when feeding or post-feeding.

When breastfeeding hurts

Cracked nipples are a nightmare. Silverette Nursing Cups are reusable, light-weight, clinically tested nipple care to soothe cracked nipples through the patented design which provides antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial benefits.

When you just can’t get comfy breastfeeding

Try a nursing pillow. The best kind supports tummy-to-tummy contact (that’s baby’s tummy in connection with yours), ensures bub is at just the right height for feeding, and can’t sink into a soft pillow during feeding which impacts both the feed and safety of your baby. Our new release Nursing Cover instantly converts your Butterfly Maternity Pillow into a stable, wedge shaped nursing pillow ideal for supporting bub and your posture for a comfy, easy feed.

When you’re worried about leaking milk everywhere

Out to lunch? Back to work? No one wants to worry about milk stains on your shirt. Eco Baby Planet reusable breast pads are your breast friend - a pack of 12 so you’ll always have spares, designed with a large diameter and extra absorbent fabric, with a soft bamboo inner layer. Even comes with a laundry bag.

When you want a nursing bra that doesn't look like a nursing bra

Why do maternity bras default to beige, blah and boring? When you want a bit of lace with your lingerie, head to Cake Maternity. Soft, bamboo-rich fabrics, stretchy designs, easy-release cups and a bit of colour and style to remind you that you are woman first, mum second.

When you want to store that liquid gold (milk storage bags)

If you’re pumping, supplementing or blessed with oversupply, check out Zip Top reusable milk storage bags. BPA and phthalate free, they are said to replace 5000 plastic bags with 1 Zip Top bag, and the writable surface lets you record the date and volume of your milk.

With the right ammo to combat your nursing challenge and expert support, you’ll soon be embracing the joys of breastfeeding and leaving the dreads behind.


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