When Should You Start Using a Pregnancy Pillow: Health Benefits


Pregnant and wondering when or if you should be using a pregnancy pillow? Well you've come to the right place because we've done all the research for you! Before we jump into the when lets first start with the why. Why should you use a pregnancy pillow? Well to put it simply, you need your sleep and a pregnancy or maternity pillow is the perfect product that's going to make that happen.

Why Should You Use a Pregnancy Pillow?
According to a study by The Royal Society of Medicine it is extremely common during pregnancy for women to develop sleeping disorders which is not only bad for mum for also bad for your bub. When we don't have enough sleep or get into a routine, this can effect our daily lives. It is recommended that when pregnant you get a minimum of 6 hours of sleep per day! The second issue that we should outline regarding sleep is about back sleeping. You should never sleep on your back, at all. During pregnancy sleeping on your back can cause some serious issues. Studies have shown that sleeping in a supine position or on your back, can compress veins and arteries that can lead to a reduction of blood flow to the placenta which can increase your risk of stillbirth! So now that we've learnt the why lets get down to the when.

When Should You Start Using a Pregnancy Pillow?
If you do your research long enough you'll find that there is actually no set time you should start using a Pregnancy or Maternity Pillow. Why? Well that's because it comes down to you, feel uncomfortable sleeping or having issues getting to sleep, well then that means now is the time. Now there are many shapes, sizes and brands of pillows however the most recommended type of pregnancy pillow would be one that supports side sleeping.

Side Sleeping Position When Pregnant
The best sleep position during pregnancy is SOS "Sleep on Side". It is recommended when pregnant to sleep on your left side as this will actually increase the amount of blood flow and nutrients that is sent to the placenta and your baby!


What to Look For in a Pregnancy Pillow
So now that we've covered all the bases lets help you find the right pillow!
What should you be looking for in a maternity pillow?

  • Size: Pillow can range from small ones no bigger than your average pillow all the way to body pillows just as long as you are. So long as it supports side sleeping the preference is all up to you! Well not quite, with the larger pillows you might want to discuss how much room your partner is willing to give up in the bed.
  • Shape: Again this all about preference. Some of the larger designs wrap around your body and tuck under feet, legs, knees and head. While the smaller more compact ones are usually just ones that would tuck under your tummy and not take up too much room.
  • Cost: This one is a hard one, there are a lot of pillows on the market ranging from $10 to $300. Again this is up to you but to help you out a little we've listed our top 3 maternity pillows.


1. The Butterfly Maternity Pillow - $97 inc shipping
The Butterfly Maternity Pillow is designed to support the recommended side sleeping position, ensuring healthy rest and comfort throughout your pregnancy.
Its Unique wing design provides a supportive wedge for your baby bump, back, hips and knees - ensuring 100% comfort at all times.


  • Certified Non Allergenic
  • Mould Resistant
  • Mildew Resistant
  • Odour Free


2. The Cuddle Up Body Pillow - $99
Australian made comfort body pillow specially designed to comfort & support mothers during pregnancy, and long after baby is born. The flexible design means that the perfect position can be achieved to relieve individual aches and pain. No need for multiple pillows! Suits all body sizes and shapes.



3. The Original Mumanu Pregnancy Pillow - $85
The Mumanu correctly aligns the hip, pelvis and spine to prevent and relieve low back pain and hip pain. Ideal whether you’re pregnant or not, the Mumanu Pregnancy Pillow is ideal for everyone.

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