Where It All Began.

Let’s just say my first pregnancy was not what I expected, I knew it was normal to feel exhausted but I didn’t realise I wouldn’t be able to sleep it off. This soon became apparent especially during the first and third trimester of my pregnancy when the sleepless nights kicked in, bit of back pain thrown in the mix, some headaches and about a million midnight toilet breaks. All this together, making it impossible to get the right, uninterrupted sleep that I needed to build a life inside of me. 


Mumma Needs Her Sleep!

After finding out I was pregnant for the second time around I knew there was no way I was spending another 9 months in that same discomfort, especially with what was now a two year old boy… Mumma needs her sleep!

For me I thought this second pregnancy would send me mad until a good friend of mine mentioned trying a maternity/pregnancy pillow. At last, I thought my sleepless troubles were solved, however this wasn’t the case. After testing out a few different designs, you could’ve called me Goldilocks, one was too big I needed something more compact, another too hot and made me overheat and the last just didn’t offer the support I needed.

That’s when I took to the web, because surely I wasn’t the only hot and sweaty pregnant woman who couldn’t get a decent sleep, and shocker, I sure wasn’t. At that point I realised that this second pregnancy was merely a sign that I needed to help other mums-to-be along with myself, that were stuck in the same uncomfortable situation. 


The Butterfly Begins.

So with the help of my dear friend Tegan, a seamstress wiz, we decided to tackle pregnancy head on and create our very own maternity pillow, with struggling mothers in mind at every step of the way. 

And now after testing out many different designs we can now successfully say, we’ve got the answer to curing sleepless night with The Butterfly Maternity Pillow. Designed by mothers for mothers-to-be.

Discover the Butterfly