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Lauren M.
Verified Buyer

Saved my sleep

This pillow has saved my sleep during pregnancy! I purchased this around 6months pregnant and whilst it took a few sleeps to get used to I’m now sleeping through most of the night!

Jessie W.
Verified Buyer

Absolute life saver can’t live without

The Butterfly saved me in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy, supported my tummy and back perfectly. Was able to sleep 100x better and waking with no aches and pains. The quality of the pillow itself and the pillow slip made the pillow even more comfortable.

Valerie L.
Verified Buyer

Haven't slept without it since

I got this pillow around week 17 because sleeping started being uncomfortable for me. I like the support it gives my back. I also adjust it to wherever I feel like I need support whenever I want to. It is also not bulky and hubby can still get close in bed.

Sherin M.
Verified Buyer

Best maternity pillow ever!!!

Comfort for a growing belly at its finest. I started early in my pregnancy with this pillow and have not had a bad sleep since! The pillow makes all the difference supporting your growing belly. You notice the difference if you don’t have it, especially as your bump grows and side sleeping is the only way. Highly recommend!

Irini K.
Verified Buyer

**Great investment for a good sleep!

Got one early in my pregnancy & it definitely helps keep you in one spot when sleeping & makes it more comfortable. I highly recommend getting one early to prevent back pain later on.

Rachep P.
Verified Buyer

*Didn't realise how much I needed it!

This pillow is so comfy, non intrusive with it's size, I sleep much better, less restlessness and I no longer worry about sleeping on my back I love it! I thought it might lose it's shape but it's still so great. I use it every night now. Would definitely recommend.