The 5 pregnancy essentials you need in 2020


To use: 


The Baby Mumma Kit- Frank Body $49.95 AUD


Give your bump a little lovin’ with this cruelty free coffee scrub kit from Frank Body. Designed to target troubled areas like stretch marks and hormonal acne whilst keeping your skin feeling silky smooth.  


To drink:


Mermaid Latte- Nutra Organics $19.95 


Swap out the morning caffeine hit for a mermaid latte filled with the good stuff. All of the superfood latte’s are safe for consumption during pregnancy and lactation so you can enjoy a guilt-free coffee alternative any time. 


To nap: 


The Butterfly Pillow- Butterfly Maternity $97.00 AUD


Get nappin’ with The Butterfly Maternity Pillow that was created to help pregnant mummas get the sleep they need. The wing design acts as a supportive wedge, keeping you in the recommended side sleeping position. Plus once bub arrives, it can be folded in half and used to nurse, assist with breastfeeding.

To eat:


Pregnancy Cookbook-  $27.35 AUD


Celebrate the arrival of those peculiar pregnancy cravings by pre-ordering the pregnancy cookbook by Pascal Rotteveel. This book explores the crude hormonal cravings that come with pregnancy using visuals along with a guide on how to create them. 


To wear:


Maternity Denim Dungaree- ASOS $84.00 AUD


Look cute and feel comfy with these maternity dungarees from ASOS designed to fit your bump. With pockets, side buttons and adjustable straps, you’ll be able to do all the things, comfortably. 

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