Popular Baby Names: How To Pick The Perfect Name

Hollywood has had a real effect on what we name our babies, nonetheless we have become greatly inventive with some exceptionally bizarre and complex names.

A baby girl born in 2013 was more inclined to have an unusual name than a baby boy. There were more than 27,000 separate boy names and 35,000 distinctive baby girl names in 2013. The scope of distinctive girl names has a tendency to be more extensive than the scope of baby boy names.

However roughly in the last five years or so, conventional baby names have ended up more well known. Names that were once extremely normal at the turn of the twentieth century are back in the main 100 most prevalent names.


William, Harry and George go head to head for first place in the top ten names given to boys in 2013. In Europe, the name Harry positioned 3rd place with 5,888 babies, William ranked 8th with 4,268 and George at 10th spot with 4,202 babies. These names are classic names for boys that have been consistently popular over the last decade and for most of the 20th century. Studies are yet to see the full impact of the newly arrived prince George.

In order to count a celebrity name trend, a rising name has to be linked to a prominent person or character who is attracting a dramatically new level of attention. For every mum or dad today who chooses a name like Liam (Hunger Games) there is another parent who proudly named their child after the likes of Apple and Moses.


While its harder to see the effect of J.k Rowllings books have had on the fame of the names Harry and Ron, it's agreeable to see the effect of her more creative names, so its really no surprise that the names, Draco, Sirius and Bellatrix have all showed up on the child names records. The name Harry for boys is a given obviously, however there have positively been an ascent in the name Hermione for girls which means 'well-conceived', "hearty" or 'stone'.


The fight of Thor and Loki continues, yet Loki gives off an impression of being on top! 37 baby boys were recorded in the UK as being named Loki, whereas just 13 boys were named Thor in 2013. This is undoubtedly majorly impacted by the Marvel comic books motion pictures. Maybe we will see boys named Odin or girls Amora for those Marvel nerds out there.

Possibly it's the name your sister picked for her child, or a name you heard on a baby naming site like nameberry.com or babynamewizard.com. It may be a celebrity name or a royal family classic, there are a huge number of names to browse and picking simply the right one can be mind boggling.

To help you out, we've sourced the main 10 child names in Australia:


1. Oliver
2. Jack
3. Jackson
4. William
5. Ethan
6. Charlie
7. Lucas
8. Cooper
9. Lachlan
10. Noah


1. Charlotte
2. Ava
3. Chloe
4. Emily
5. Olivia
6 Zoe
7. Lily
8. Sophie
9. Amelia
10. Sofia

What's a truly crazy name you've heard of, we want to know!


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