How To Avoid Backache During Pregnancy

As your centre of gravity shifts, your spine bends to compensate, causing extra strain on your muscles and vertebrae. Your body also starts to produce relaxin, which makes joints and tissues extra flexible to accommodate all the physical changes that are happening. This means things start to shift and stretch, which can also cause back pain. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to relieve back pain during pregnancy. Here are some self-care tips.

Maintain good posture: Backache During Pregnancy

This is good advice at any time, but particularly important while you’re pregnant. Stand straight with your shoulders back – no slouching! It’s very tempting to let your hips tilt forward to help with Backache During Pregnancy, but try to keep your lower spine as straight as possible by tucking your bottom in. If you’re standing for any length of time, make sure you change position regularly, and stand with your feet at hip-width for maximum support. If you’re sitting, support your lower back with a small cushion. Avoid high heels, which tilt your pelvis forward and put your spine out of alignment. Some women find that wearing a supportive belly band helps to keep their back straight.

Move carefully

With all that relaxin coursing around your body, you need to take care not to stretch things further than they’re meant to go when you have Backache During Pregnancy. Turn from your feet rather than twisting at the waist to avoid pulling muscles in your back or hips. If you have to pick up anything from the floor, bend your knees and keep your back nice and straight. Make sure you’re not lifting anything too heavy. If you’re carrying shopping bags, try to distribute the weight equally between both arms to avoid placing uneven strain on the muscles in your back.

Get sleep support

Resting your tired muscles will help ease back pain, but getting comfortable can be difficult when you can no longer lay on your stomach. Doctors recommend that you also avoid laying on your back during the second and third trimester, as this can compress a major artery. This leaves you little choice but to sleep on your side, where the weight of your baby bump and top leg can pull on already sore muscles. The answer to this is to invest in a good-quality maternity pillow that can support your tummy and tuck between your legs. This will keep your back nicely aligned while you catch up on precious sleep.

Pamper yourself

You’ll never have a better excuse to go for a lovely long massage than when you’re pregnant. By getting a specialist pregnancy massage, you’ll experience a whole range of benefits including improved circulation, reduced swelling, and the relaxation of tight muscles, which will help relieve your back pain. If you can’t make it to a massage therapist, the simple act of applying heat to your lower back will help to ease the muscles. Wheat bags are great for this; just heat them in the microwave and apply for 15-20 minutes. You can easily make your own by filling a cotton sock with uncooked rice and tying the end shut. Don’t overheat – your heat pack should be soothingly warm but not too hot.

Incorporating these tips into your normal routine can make a big difference to the level of back pain you experience. Be kind to your back and enjoy a much more comfortable pregnancy!


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