Amazing Experiences And Unique Gift Ideas

Finding a gift for someone is easy, find the perfect gift no quite the same. Its time to ditch the generic present and look for something more meaningful! We've come up with a list of our top pics for experiences you can share with that special someone to show just how much you care!


1. Private Airbnb For The Weekend

If you haven't been living under a rock for the past 10 years I'm sure you would of heard of Airbnb. Now what some of you may not know is that there are actually some pretty beautiful ones most likely all around you! Yep, now when I say beautiful I mean it. Some can range from $150 a night up to almost $7000 a night. So if your looking to show that special someone just how special they are why not book a private getaway for a weekend and just have a weekend locked up away from the world!


2. Brewery, Distillery or Winery Tour

Second on our list takes a little more thought on your part. Whys that? Well that's because its all going to depend on your location. There's nothing more fun than visiting a Brewery, Distillery or Winery, or all three! Yep each have their own differences but none worse or better than the other its all about preference really. Weather your into beer, wine or spirits I'm sure a quick google and you'll be able to find one right near by. With a lot of these places now welcoming people to come enjoy the day touring the facilities kicking back with some drinks and a platter of food its almost too good a way to spend your day. Our top picks for each would have to be. Stone & Wood Brewery, Husk Distilleries and O'Reilly's Canungra Valley Vineyard. Go check them out!



3. Hot Air Ballooning For 2

Hope you aren't scared of heights because next on the list is Hot Air Ballooning. Probably one of the most popular experiences to date hot air ballooning can be great for any occasion. Weather its just for a birthday gift or something romantic. With options such as group flights, private flights, day flights or night flights you'll be sure to find the right one to fit what your looking for. 


4.  Paint And Sip

Becoming more and more popular in recent months, paint and sip studios seem to be popping up slowly everywhere! For those who don't know what they are paint and sip studios are essential what their name says. You usually take a bottle of one or beers if you choose and go into an art studio and everyone in the class spends the next hour or so working on a piece of art instructed by the studio on the day!

5.  Cooking Classes

The worse you are the more the fun! Cooking classes can be a great gift idea for that special someone. This allows you to not only gift an experience but experience it together. Not only will they enjoy it but its a gift that keeps on giving as you can take the knowledge home and use it for the rest of your life.


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