6 Ways To Help With Pregnancy Back Pain

Back pain is very common in pregnancy. Between half and three quarters of pregnant women will have some level of pregnancy back pain. Fear not, there are a few way to help with the discomfort and prevent it from turning into a long term problem.

Some health care professionals say that you are more likely to experience pack pain during pregnancy if you are overweight or if its not your first pregnancy.

By making sure that you are as fit as possible before becoming pregnant will help to reduce the severity of back pain. Light to moderate strength training programs are safe to undertake during pregnancy.

We advise that if you are not used to any for of exercise, always start slowly. Always check your posture and avoid heavy lifting. If you need to lift something heavy, keep it close to your body and make sure that you bend at the knees rather than your back.

Here are 6 ways to help with Back Pain During Pregnancy :

1. Good Posture:

Most day jobs require sitting at a desk most of the day. Keep a timer by your desk and set it to go off every hour. Get up and move away from your desk when the timer goes does. Move your shoulder back and forth circulating blood flow. When you sit back down, make sure you have your shoulders back and spine in a neutral position. Avoid slumping back down. Soft wedged shaped cousins may help. Alternatively, take your Butterfly Pregnancy Pillow to the office with you.


2. Exercise:

Daily excise is essential before, during and after pregnancy. Pelvic floor and abdomen stabilisation exercises can help reduce the strain on your pelvis. Pilates is great to help stimulate blood flow in a controlled way. Moderate to light intensity work out to increase your heart rate is a good way to help with numeral spine position.


3. Swimming:

Swimming is a great way to stimulate blood flow and to increase your heart rate, with almost no strain on your joints.


4. Massage:

Surely this does not need any explanation? Massages can sooth tired aching muscles. Ask your partner to massage your shoulders firmly and lower back each night before bed. Once a month spoil yourself to an hour long session with a trained massage therapist.


5. Maternity Pillows:

Sleeping on your side is a must when you are pregnant. A pregnancy pillow under your belly can help significantly with back pain. The Butterfly is Ultimate Pillow’s most versatile pillow can be used in many different ways.


6. Heat & Water:

A warm bath can solve many of life simple problems. The warm water relaxes your muscles and will ease discomfort in the lower back area.

If your back pain persists, please consult your midwife or doctor. 


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