5 Good Reasons Why You Should Use The Butterly Pregnancy Pillow

Here are five good reasons why you should be using a pregnancy pillow during pregnancy

  1. You need extra support during pregnancy: A pregnant woman’s expanding uterus affects her normal posture and ultimately increases stress on her joints and back. Hormonal changes also cause loosening of the joints and ligaments. These changes often make sleeping very frustrating and uncomfortable. A pregnancy pillow is guaranteed to provide support in all the necessary places. Using it will reduce the neck, shoulder, hip, and back pain commonly experienced by expectant mothers.
  2. A good night’s sleep makes all the difference: Common advice given by experienced mothers is “get some sleep while you still can!” Of course we would all love to but there are many challenges to getting a good night’s sleep with a growing belly and changing body.Pregnancy pillows are specifically designed to provide the comfort and support you need to be able to float into a deep sleep and to wake up feeling refreshed. Butterly Pillows has several pillows that have been created to ensure that you receive all the sleep, relaxation, and pampering you need during your pregnancy.
  3. The pregnancy pillow is versatile enough to suit your changing needs: Most pregnant moms feel the need to move around and change their sleeping position a few times during the night. This is because aching joints and ligaments make them restless. Using a pregnancy pillow will give you the freedom to change position because you want to and not because you are trying to relieve pain. The pregnancy pillow shapes intuitively to your body position as you move into different sitting and lying positions.
  4. Pregnancy pillow equals nursing pillow: More often than not women invest in a great pregnancy pillow that just gets stored once their little one arrives. The reason? Their pregnancy pillow was designed only for pregnancy. Butterfly Pillows has designed comfortable pillows that are ideal for both pregnancy and nursing! Mum and baby can use the pregnancy pillow during bonding, relaxing, and feeding times.
  5. The more the merrier: We know that this saying does not apply to every situation! However when it comes to the pregnancy pillow it certainly does. It will be the perfect companion during those special times spent taking family naps or just relaxing together. Your toddler (or husband) can comfortably cuddle up next to you and your growing baby bump while you rest.


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